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What is sheepskin leather? The ultimate guide!

What is sheepskin leather? The ultimate guide!

From clothing and footwear to interior decor and accessories, sheepskin, a luxurious and versatile material that has been used for various purposes throughout history, has gained popularity due to its unique characteristics and appeal.

But what exactly is sheepskin? How durable and waterproof is it, and when can you wear it?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about sheepskin leather.

What is sheepskin?

Sheepskin is known for its distinctive fleece, which covers one side of the hide and provides exceptional warmth and comfort.

Actually, in its simplest form, sheepskin is the hide or skin of a sheep, provided that the skin and wool are intact. As a material, it is obtained from domestic sheep and is highly valued for its soft, supple, and naturally insulating properties.

The hide is preserved through a process called tanning, which changes its protein structure and prevents the leather from degrading over time. This makes it ideal for a wide range of products, from cozy winter women’s sheepskin jackets to plush home furnishings and more.

Nappa, a type of sheepskin leather, is considered a top quality material, preserving the skin’s original texture and feel.


what is sheepskin leather


What is sheepskin leather and how is it made? 

Sheepskin leather is essentially the processed and treated sheepskin hide, which is transformed into a luxurious material for various applications.

The key distinction between sheepskin leather and other types of leather jackets is the presence of the natural wool on one side. This wool, often left intact, creates a soft and insulating lining that is incredibly comfortable and visually appealing – as a result, sheepskin leather is highly sought after for its softness, natural texture, and remarkable insulating properties.

Another great advantage of women and men’s sheepskin coats is that they are reversible – they can be typically worn from both sides, either keeping the fleece side as a lining for extra warmth, or wearing it on the outer side of the jacket for a more plush feeling.

Many people use sheepskin and shearling interchangeably, but shearling comes from the hide of young lambs only, and it’s a bit more delicate.


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Is sheepskin ethical? 

The ethical aspect of using sheepskin leather often raises questions related to animal welfare. While it’s important to consider this, the majority of sheepskins come from sheep that have been raised for their meat, wool, or both. These animals are generally well-cared for, and their hides are a byproduct of the meat industry.

Ethical concerns are generally more prevalent when it comes to exotic or endangered animal skins. Nevertheless, it is crucial to ensure that the sheepskin you purchase is sourced from reputable and responsible sources, such as eFurs, as it ensures the welfare of the animals involved in the production process.


Is sheepskin waterproof? 

Sheepskin leather is not inherently waterproof. In its natural state, it has the potential to absorb moisture, which can be a concern if you want to use sheepskin products in wet or rainy conditions. However, it is important to note that various treatments can be applied to sheepskin leather to enhance its water-resistant properties.

One common method is the application of a water-repellent finish to the leather. Additionally, regular maintenance and care, such as waterproofing sprays, can further improve its resistance to water.

It’s essential to follow the care instructions provided with your sheepskin products to maintain their water resistance and overall quality.

Moreover, sheepskin leather has natural temperature regulation, while it is also highly resistant to dirt, bugs, and mold, making it a great material for women’s handbags!


Is sheepskin leather waterproof?


Is sheepskin leather durable? 

Sheepskin leather is renowned for its softness and comfort, but its durability is often a subject of concern, unlike other types of leather, like cowhide or pigskin, which are typically sturdier. This makes it less resistant to abrasion and wear when compared to these thicker and more rugged leathers.

However, the longevity of sheepskin products greatly depends on how well they are cared for.

Regular maintenance, cleaning, and proper storage can significantly extend the life of sheepskin accessories and outerwear. While they may not be as tough as some other leather types, sheepskin products are durable when handled with care and are well-suited for many applications.


Is sheepskin leather durable?


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Should you be investing in sheepskin leather? 

We definitely believe you should!

Sheepskin leather is a unique and luxurious material that offers comfort, warmth, and visual appeal.

With proper sourcing and care, your sheepskin leather jacket or accessory will be an attractive choice. If you look for value and comfort, get in touch with eFurs and explore our wide range of ethically sourced sheepskin leather goods – you’ll be absolutely amazed by the quality and variety of our collection!


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