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Partners online store is cooperating with producers and farms from all over the world, you can check out some of our partners.




The company is based in Siatista and has a branch in Paralia Katerini.

Our trained staff creates unique women’s and men’s collections, known for the excellent quality of materials and construction. Raw materials are sourced from recognized auctions in America, Canada, Europe, and Russia. We offer a sophisticated range of clothing and accessories.

By ensuring quality and after-sales service, we strive to maintain the high quality of our products and further our growth.



CPL 1953

CPL, founded in Siatista, Greece in 1953, is a leading company in the production of fur garments and shearling garments. Transferring its headquarters to Frankfurt in 1963, it maintains its Production and Logistics Center in Siatista.

CPL manufactures 30,000+ garments annually, specializing in Mink, Persian, Raccoon, Fox, Rex Rabbit, and lambskin furs. Raw materials are sourced from auctions in Scandinavia and North America. The collaboration between the design team and the craftsmen ensures high-quality products.




Alexandros Kotoulas, raised in his family’s fur workshop in Kastoria, explored his creativity between sewing machines and soft materials.

After training at the Eindhoven Design Academy and Louis Vuitton’s leather goods department, he founded ALEXQUISITE, a handmade leather goods brand where he highlighted contemporary aesthetics and attention to detail.

Alexander, faithful to the Greek craft, collaborates with traditional leather workshops. At HAK STUDIOS he expands the dialogues around contemporary design and Greek craftsmanship with a focus on art, design, and sustainability.




The art of leather is in our DNA, with 4 generations of craftsmanship and expertise behind us. By combining love, experience, and expertise, we have earned the trust of clients from all over the world.

Since 2018, we have made a dynamic entry into the manufacturing and processing of handmade leather goods, using leathers produced exclusively in our own facilities to ensure the highest quality that distinguishes our products.


The Chinchilla House

The Chinchilla House is a company specializing in crafting high-quality chinchilla garments. With a background in working with top designers and producers in New York, the firm is now located in Kastoria, Greece, offering unique designs and excellent craftsmanship in chinchilla fur products.



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