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Size Guide



     XS      S      M      L      XL      XXL      3XL      4XL
CHEST cm 77-82 cm 83-88 cm 89-94 cm 95-101 cm 102-109 cm 110-118 cm 119-127 cm 128-137 cm
inch 30-32” 33-35” 36-37” 38-40” 41-43” 44-46” 47-50” 51-54”
WAIST cm 61-66 cm 67-72 cm 73-78 cm 79-85 cm 86-94 cm 95-104 cm 105-114 cm 115-125 cm
inch 24-26” 27-28” 29-31” 32-34” 35-37” 38-41” 42-45” 46-49”
HIP cm 86-91 cm 92-97 cm 98-103 cm 104-110 cm 111-117 cm 118-125 cm 126-133 cm 134-141 cm
inch 34-36” 37-38” 39-41” 42-43” 44-46” 47-49” 50-52” 53-56”




     S      M      L      XL      XXL      3XL      4XL      5XL
CHEST cm 88-94 cm 95-102 cm 103-111 cm 112-121 cm 122-132 cm 133-144 cm 145-156 cm 157-169 cm
inch 34-37” 38-40” 41-44” 45-48” 49-52” 53-56” 57-61” 62-67”
WAIST cm 76-82 cm 83-90 cm 91-99 cm 100-109 cm 110-121cm 122-133 cm 134-145cm 146-158 cm
inch 30-32” 33-35” 36-39” 40-43” 44-47” 48-52” 53-57” 58-62”
HIP cm 87-93 cm 94-101 cm 102-110 cm 111-119 cm 120-128 cm 129-138 cm 139-150 cm 151-163cm
inch 35-37’‘ 38-40” 41-44” 45-47” 48-50” 51-54” 55-59” 60-64”




How to Take Fur Clothing Measurements


Fur apparel

Fur coats and jackets are different kinds of clothing, compared to regular clothes. They are meant to fit differently, as they are intended to fit snugly, giving a fashionable look. The appropriate measurements are essential for a good result.

As you may already know, buying clothes from images can be a  great challenge for sellers and buyers. Wrong measurements may lead to a loss of time and money for both parts. Especially for fur clothing, a  luxurious and costly kind of clothing.

However, you must not be afraid. Every fur garment is handmade. Every step of the manufacturing process is made by experienced hands. Because of that, fur manufacturers are able to offer a perfect fit for any size or taste. Some simple measurements are only needed.

These measurements are presented in the following guide.



Taking the Measurements

There are two options to appropriately take your measurements.

  • Measure a cloth that you already own and fit you appropriately.
  • Take your own body measurements.

If you choose the first option, do not measure a fur garment that you already own. Prefer a regular coat, because the measurements that you will take will be as close to the design pattern as possible. In addition, make sure that you will measure a loose-fitting coat because you will be probably wearing winter clothes underneath your fur garment. Otherwise,  if you prefer a slim-fitting coat, you can measure a more regular fit coat. Finally, it is helpful to take the measurements with the coat buttoned and placed it on a flat surface.

For every measurement use a measuring tape! The measurements that are needed are the following:



1. Bust

As you measure your chest size, it is important to measure at the largest point. This will ensure that the fur coats you buy will fit you properly. A fur coat should fit you, but not be tight. Taking this measurement more than once will ensure you get it right so you don’t have a coat that is too small for you.



2. Sleeves

The length of the sleeves is also important. To measure the length of the sleeves, start at the neckline and follow the top of the sleeve to the cuff. To determine the proper length for you, measure from the base of the neck to your wrist to ensure you get the right size.


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