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When is it appropriate to wear a fur coat?

When is it appropriate to wear a fur coat?


If you already own a fur coat or you are in search of your next luxe purchase, then the following question will come up sooner or later:

When is it appropriate to wear a fur coat?

Depending on where you live, how cold the weather gets there or how you plan to style your closet’s newest addition, this question can have many answers.

eFurs, with more than 50 years of experience in the fur market, can confidently provide all the details you need to make informed decisions.

Keep reading to find out:

  • When to wear a fur coat
  • How to style a fur coat
  • How to wear fur for different occasions

Are you ready to up your style game?



When to wear a fur coat?

People say “Dress for the weather, not the month” and we couldn’t agree more.

It would be counterproductive to argue that you can’t wear your fur jacket in October, for example – if you live in colder climates where temperature drops below zero quite early, then of course you can wear your fur coat even during fall, not only winter.


So, what months can you wear fur?

The answer is simple: Any time of the year that feels suitable to you!

eFurs features a large selection of fur shawls and vests that can even be worn during warmer weather, let’s say over your leather jacket.

Alternatively, cropped or mid-waist lengths, varying degrees of density, and lighter colors can also be worn during spring.

What’s important to keep in mind is that real fur has perfect insulation properties; after all, it is what protects animals from cold and rain!

This means that fur coats are the warmest outwear you can style, so act accordingly.



What is the best temperature to wear a fur coat?

Wondering if it’s too early to wear a fur coat? If you style it correctly, there won’t be a problem.

However, if the temperature is over 15 degrees Celsius (meaning over 60 degrees Fahrenheit), then completing your look with a fur jacket may not be such a good decision – it’s possible that you’ll suffocate in it!

The best temperature to wear fur coat is at below 55F, when you will get the best out of your furry garment. In essence, the colder the weather, the better the results.


How to wear a fur coat?

Next up on our list of common questions is “How to wear a fur coat”.

Similarly to “when”, “how” can also take many forms, depending on the fur coat styles you choose.

As you can tell, fur coats today are not only destined for formal occasions and events.

The way you’ll style your lavish jacket will determine the outcome. Modern or classic, black or colorful, full length or cropped… the possibilities are endless and coming up with the perfect outfit can be tricky.

Let’s see how to wear fur for different occasions and provide inspiration for your upcoming looks!



How to wear fur for different occasions

Want to know how to style a fur coat for a party, wedding, or event and what to keep in mind while styling it for casual outings?

We’ve got you covered!


Classy long fur coats for formal events

A chinchilla or mink women’s fur coat is perfect for a black-tie event. What’s more, the longer the length of your fur, the more formal it is considered.

Wear it over a gown and mix it with delicate fabrics for the ultimate result: silk, lace, organza, satin, taffeta, tulle, velvet, chiffon, brocade, and many more fabrics give off the perfect luxurious feeling that matches furs perfectly.


Lush fur coats for streetstyle extravaganza

You’ve probably seen Kate Moss rocking her animal print fur, and many celebrities/models wearing their favorite showstopping fur coats during fashion week.

Whether you’re out shopping, having drinks with a friend, or on a date, a fur vest, coat, or jacket can definitely elevate your style.

Add a pop of color, try a voluminous fox fur coat over your jeans, or get the perfect total black look featuring a fluffy jacket – no matter what you choose, you can make every outfit stand out.


Now that you know when to wear a fur coat and how to style it, there’s only one thing left: find the perfect fur coat to add to your collection!

Check out eFurs’ collection and shop online the ideal fur outerwear for you.

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