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What’s the difference between sheepskin and shearling?

What’s the difference between sheepskin and shearling?

Many people use sheepskin and shearling interchangeably, thinking both terms refer to the same fabric.

Although this is partly true – they both come from the same animal after all, the sheep – the two materials have some key differences, mostly when it comes to how they are made.

Keep reading to find out what is the difference between sheepskin and shearling, what are the main characteristics of each material, whether shearling jackets are in fashion today and where to buy the best sheepskin jackets of the market!

Are you ready for a deep dive in the world of shearling VS sheepskin?


What is sheepskin and how is it made?

Sheepskin is a type of leather that is made from the hide of sheep.

It is tanned and treated in such a way so as to create a smooth, durable material, ideal for a wide variety of clothing and accessories, but mostly for coats and jackets.

In order to create the sheepskin fabric, the wool is removed from the hide during the tanning process. This means that the sheepskin does not have the soft, plush feel of the shearling, which makes it more suitable for formal and dressy clothing items.

what is shearling material and how is it made


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Is sheepskin warm?

Like all clothing that comes from animals, including shearling jackets, cashmere coats, women’s fur coats etc., sheepskin is considered a very warm material, perfect for cold weather!


What is shearling material?

As an animal, the shearling is a young sheep, one that has been shorn only once, meaning the wool is still much softer in comparison to adult sheep.

Wondering how is shearling made? As a fabric, shearling is a type of sheepskin, but tanned and treated in such a way so as to get a soft, plush material with the wool still attached to the hide.

This gives shearling coats a warm and cozy feel, making them a popular choice for coats and other cold weather clothing, ideal for everyday casual wear.


shearling vs sheepskin


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Shearling VS sheepskin – what to choose?

Now that you know what the difference between sheepskin and shearling is, it’s only logical that you’re wondering what to buy.

So, when it comes to shearling VS sheepskin, what should you choose?

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer between the two: it really depends on your personal style and what you need the coat for!

If you’re looking for a warm, cozy coat for cold weather and everyday looks, a shearling coat might be the way to go. The wool adds an extra layer of insulation, and the soft, lush feel is perfect for snuggling on a cold winter day.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more formal coat, sheepskin might be a safer choice. It may not be as warm as shearling – so not the best choice for extremely cold weather – but it can help you dress up any outfit, even at special occasions, and it’s just wonderful for casual yet polished looks.


Can men wear sheepskin and shearling?

Shearling in black, beige, and tanned colors is perfect for men.

From men’s shearling jackets for the bike-riders among us that can be worn over a simple white T-shirt, to the full-length real sheepskin coats that can even match your tailored suit, there’s definitely an option for your outfit.

Invest in a timeless piece and you’ll be enjoying it for years to come!


are shearling jackets in fashion


Are shearling jackets in fashion?

If you’ve made it this far and still wonder if shearling jackets are worth it, the answer is a conclusive yes!

Sheepskin and shearling coats are considered a classic type of outerwear, a staple in any closet that can be worn day and night.

And for the fashion-savvy among us that still want to know whether shearling jackets are in fashion today or not, the answer is pretty straightforward as well.

Genuine shearling jackets are considered extremely fashionable and don’t seem like going out of fashion any time soon!


Where to find the best women’s and men’s real sheepskin and shearling jackets?

Whether you’ve already made up your mind and know what to buy between the two or simply want to look at a wide variety and choose the one that you like best, eFurs is the way to go.

Featuring secure transactions, free worldwide shipping, and decades of experience in the manufacturing of shearling and sheepskin jackets for both women and men, there’s definitely a coat here for you!


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