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Comprehensive Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Fur Items

Φροντίδα γούνινων ειδών - παλτό γούνας

The care and maintenance of fur items is a significant aspect when it comes to keeping them in excellent condition. The focus of this guide is to ensure your fur items remain luxurious for years to come.

Regular Use and Basic Care

  • Fur items like coats should be worn frequently during the winter season, letting them “breathe” in the cold winter air. This practice helps to maintain the natural shine and thickness of the fur, crucial elements of the care and maintenance of fur items.
  • After each use, shake your coat to remove any snowflakes. Then, hang it on a wide hanger in a well-ventilated space.

Protection from Moisture and Insects

  • Getting caught in the rain while in fur can be worrying. Shake the coat to remove water droplets, then let it dry naturally. Avoid direct heat sources during this process. Once dry, a gentle combing with a metal brush can restore the fur’s fluffiness.
  • Be mindful when sitting down in your fur coat. Spread it out to prevent creases or wrinkles. Avoid resting your handbag on the fur to prevent friction-induced damage.
  • Insects can be a menace to your fur items. Natural repellents like dried orange peels or tobacco leaves can help. A small amount in a cloth bag, stored with your fur items, will deter insects.

Summer Storage and Cleaning

  • Summertime storage requires maintaining temperature and humidity. If you lack special fur storage, use a dark, cool place at home. Avoid plastic cases and ensure some free space around for air circulation.
  • Cleaning your fur items can involve removing light stains with a damp cloth. Gentle rubbing ensures the pelt doesn’t get wet. Avoid frequent dry cleaning to preserve the fur’s natural properties.
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