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How much is a real mink coat? Learn the factors that determine its price

how much is a real mink coat

Whether you are a fur enthusiast for years or just now taking your fists steps into the magical world of fur, there is a question that will pop up sooner or later: “How much does a mink coat cost?”

Answering this question with a simple number is, of course, impossible – a real mink coat’s value depends on several factors, some of which have nothing to do with the coat but rather with the animal itself!

If you keep wondering why mink coats are so expensive, this article is for you.

We have gathered all the relevant details that define how much is a mink coat so you can make informed decisions and choose the best coat for your preferences and budget!

Are you ready to dive in?



How much is a mink coat? 3 factors that define its price

Keep reading to find out the most significant factors that define the cost of a mink fur jacket.


Factor #1: The initial price of skins at the auctions

Pricing “laws” definitely affect the final price of a fur coat. The majority (more than 80%) of furs is made from skins bought at international auctions in Scandinavian countries and the USA, meaning that this original price will in turn affect the price of the coat.

The more it costs to raise minks (be it through electricity or water bills, food etc.), the more the mink farmers will charge for the skins, raising the cost of the final product.



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Factor #2: Quantity and quality of skins used for each coat

Another important aspect that definitely affects the final price of a mink fur coat is its quality, not in terms of manufacturing and design, but in terms of raw materials.

Generally speaking, male minks have darker coats and females have lighter coats with more silver undertones. Additionally, coats made from male minks tend to be stiffer, while coats made from female minks are softer and lighter in weight.

It’s also important to remember that the fur’s quality is not only determined by the animal’s gender, but also by where it was raised, how it was harvested, its environment, genetics or even diet!

Last but not least, females are typically smaller in size than male minks, meaning more skins are required to make a coat, affecting the price as well.



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Factor #3: Quality of manufacture (color, shade, design, sewing and more)

Although this factor can be further separated into more specific categories, it all comes down to one ‘umbrella’ aspect: quality.

How much is a mink coat worth is largely determined by the design of the fur and the workmanship put into it.

This is a decisive factor and, for many, the most important one, as it is directly linked to the artisans who manufacture the fur coat – their skills, experience and expertise are factored in and make a piece of clothing really stand out.



So, how much does a mink coat cost after all?

The price of a real mink vest or short mink coat can start at 350$ and gets higher as the coat gets longer. A long mink coat will most probably cost more than 2000$, especially if it’s made entirely out of mink or if it has additional details, like a voluminous collar or hood.

Now that you know why mink coats are so expensive, what will you choose?

Will you go for a more expensive full-skinned long mink fur coat, or opt for a more economical, shorter option, made from mink fur pieces?

No matter what you choose, eFurs can guarantee the quality of its jackets! Explore our online collection of women’s and men’s mink fur coats and buy the ideal garment for you, made exclusively to match your measurements!

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