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eFurs.co is based in Siatista, which is one of the largest production facilities in the world. The fully trained and highly specialized staff combines art and technique to make unique fur creations.

The company’s collections include women’s and men’s garments known for the
excellent quality of their raw materials and crafting, as well as being distinguished for their quality, unique design and manufacturing superiority.

The production process is strictly controlled so as to ensure perfect results.
The raw materials are procured from recognized auctions in America, Canada,
Europe and Russia and include farmed fur such as mink, fox, swakara, as well as wild fur such as wild mink, sable, beaver, fisher, raccoon and fin raccoon.

eFurs.co has a comparative advantage due to its quality raw materials,
comprehensive know-how, consistency and after-sales service.
Today the company is continuing steadfast in its successful course,
aiming both at maintaining the top quality of its products and
at its further growth.

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